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Shane Psaltis

Shane Psaltis

Aquebogue, NY



I am a self taught photographer with the desire to capture images in a way to allow the viewer to feel like they are actually behind the camera.

I was a athlete who realized the pros were not going to happen so I decided to photograph what I knew best, Sports. I started working for a local paper in 1995 were I won press photo of the year and best sports photo for a weekly. I then started putting together a portfolio to apply for a job with a daily and in 1999 I was freelancing for Newsday. I met many great people and learned many great tips and tricks that allowed me to go on to shoot the pros including the NFL, NHL, and MLB.

Then came the digital age and all day rates went down as to were it was not worth shooting the pros so I said what if I started shooting young athletes that played for one reason and one reason only, the love of the game. I started shooting pee wee football and Little League baseball. It was amazing the response I received from parents. I then formed and was a full time youth sports photographer revolutionizing the way parents were able to see their young athletes in action the same way the Pros were photographed. From the sweat pouring off their face to the chest pounding in Victory. It was a great feeling.

Then in 2001 a tragedy hit America on 9/11 that changed a lot for me. I am from NY so it hit me pretty hard especially visiting the towers all my life. So in 2003 when the tribute lights were lit I had to photograph them. I went to the city with thousands of others and I spent about 5 hours photographing my very first Nightscape. I was hooked so much that I had found my nitch and a new love for photography. I then created Nightscapes to share all the amazing sites at night. While most people are sleeping I am out shooting in total darkness.

Over the years, after expanding my horizons beyond the sidelines for the first time, I travel for sports gigs but always make time for a night out on the town to capture the Nights Beauty. With so many cities covered and still so many more to go I am just at the beginning of my journey. Included in this journey I plan on teaching others my techniques and knowledge of shooting at night.

If you enjoy my photos and would like to add a poster or canvas to your wall and help me keep doing what I am doing please don't hesitate to purchase one of my photos. If you do not see a photo you like or their is something you are looking for, or you are interested in learning how to take Nightscapes please contact me and I will make sure to make it happen.
Coming soon to a city near you Nightscapes photo safaris.

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New York Pier Tribute by Shane Psaltis


N Y C TRIBUTE by Shane Psaltis


N Y C THE LIGHTS by Shane Psaltis


NEVER FORGET by Shane Psaltis


World Trade Center From the Ground Up by Shane Psaltis


Columbus - City Reflection by Shane Psaltis


Columbus OH Blue Bridge Reflections by Shane Psaltis


The Pier - World Trade Center Tribute by Shane Psaltis


World Trade Center Tribute from the Pier by Shane Psaltis


THE LIGHTS - 9-11 Tribute by Shane Psaltis


NYC Tribute Lights - The Pier by Shane Psaltis


The Pier Pano by Shane Psaltis


NYC - Manhattan Skyline 9-11 Tribute by Shane Psaltis


NYC - Tribute Lights - The Pilings by Shane Psaltis


The Pilings Pano by Shane Psaltis


Full City View by Shane Psaltis


Black and White Brooklyn Bridge by Shane Psaltis


The Brooklyn Bridge by Shane Psaltis


Brooklyn Bridge - REFLECTIONS by Shane Psaltis


Two Bridges by Shane Psaltis


Manhattan Skyline - Southside by Shane Psaltis


New York City Skyline by Shane Psaltis


The Boston Bridge by Shane Psaltis


Boston Boardwalk by Shane Psaltis


Boston Harbor Nightscape by Shane Psaltis


Boston Reflections by Shane Psaltis


Boston Pano from Bridge to Bridge by Shane Psaltis


Boston Harbor Skyline by Shane Psaltis


BOSTON Zakim Bridge Reflections by Shane Psaltis


BOSTON Zakim Memorial Bridge Nightscape II by Shane Psaltis


NYC Tribute Lights by Shane Psaltis


Benjamin Franklin Bridge by Shane Psaltis


St.Louis Arch Reflection by Shane Psaltis


Baltimore Boat Yard by Shane Psaltis


Baltimore Harbor by Shane Psaltis


Rhode Island Capital Building by Shane Psaltis


World Trade Center Tribute Lights by Shane Psaltis


World Trade Center Memorial by Shane Psaltis


The Arch by Shane Psaltis


Eola Lake Pano by Shane Psaltis


Orlando Skyline by Shane Psaltis


Eola Park Skyline by Shane Psaltis